Same Day Delivery


Available in 500ml bottle, 5L bottle, 10L bottle,11L bottle, and 19L bottle

Spectrum Clear ™ offers same day delivery to fulfil the needs of our customers to deliver fresh distilled drinking water, distilled water and disinfectant solution on the same day. Distilled Water is available in 500ml, 5L and 10L bottles. Disinfectant solution available in 5L bottles. Distilled Drinking Water is available in a carton of 500ml bottle, 11L and 19L bottle.

Our high-quality polycarbonate 11L and 19L water bottles. It was designed particularly for the water cooler dispenser which includes a spill proof cap for easy installation. These reusable bottles are not only durable, but they are economical and environmentally friendly. Find out more about our efficient, dependable water delivery service if you want to keep your home or workplace filled with hot or cold drinking water, so you can stay focused on your day. 

Our 11L and 19L filled with our high-quality Distilled Drinking Water to serve the people the purest and cleanest water in the planet.

Kindly be informed that delivery charge will be borne by customers on cash-on delivery basis.