About Us

Spectrum Distillers Sdn. Bhd. is a specialist in manufacturing high quality and affordable distilled drinking water for businesses and consumers. We have been established since 1994 with almost 30 years of experience in the water manufacturing industry. Till date, we are still one of the pioneers in the water manufacturing industry.

At Spectrum Clear, we believe that the purest and cleanest form of water for all Malaysians to consume is distilled drinking water. Our MISSION STATEMENT was to ensure that people from all groups and ages can easily access to the purest and cleanest form of water right at their doorstep (hassle-free), either in corporate offices, landed properties, condominiums and etc. We believe that the need and convenience of our clients should be prioritize and that clean water should be easily accessible. Apart from the quality of the water, we have no compromise when it comes to packaging which makes our products distinct and well defined.

At Spectrum Clear ™, we strive to be a “One-Stop-Center” for all water products available. As such, we also offer other varieties of water-related products such as Hot & Cold-Water Dispenser Machines, Ice Making Machine, Water Purifier Machines, Alkaline Water Machine etc.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”) bottled water is also available upon request (250ml, 500ml, 1000ml or 1500ml bottled water).

Spectrum Clear ™ team always keep in mind the word “Care” as it stands for:

Customer is always our top priority (customers comes first)

Aspire to inspire
(inspire one and another to serve our goal better)

Respect your coworkers
(respect one and another to work better as a team)

Effectively communicate
(communicate is one of the keys for a successful team)